Commission Status: OPEN

Commission Queue & Waitlist : Click Here

What I WILL draw:

  • Original Characters (With references)

  • D&D / Pathfinder characters and NPCs

  • SFW work

  • Pinup Work

  • NSFW work

  • Fanart from Select Fandoms (Ask to be sure).

  • Nekomimi characters

  • Furry/Anthro

  • Fantasy Art

What I WON'T draw:

  • Mecha / Robots

  • photorealism

  • Other peoples art style

If something is not listed:

Don't be scared to shoot me a dm to ask me on Twitter or Facebook @twistedfaeart or send me an email at

Turnover Rate:

I normally complete work within 3-4 days, however, this differs with complexity. Maximum allowance for getting work done is around 14 days unless otherwise stated due to complexity.

Before deciding to commission me, please take a look at my Pricing Guide and ToS

All prices listed are subject to change based on terms and conditions

Prices are set in USD ($)


Grab some cute emotes for your twitch or discord server

1 Emote$15
2 Emotes$25
3 Emotes$30

Lined Sketches

Clean Lineart + Monochromatic Shading with your choice of color

TypePrice+Additional Characters
Half Body$30+$23
Full Body$50+$38


Chibify your characters

TypePrice+Additional Characters


Digitally Painted + A Simple Background

TypePrice+Additional Characters
Half Body$250+$213
Full Body$340+$255

Before deciding to commission me, please take a look at my General Info and ToS.

Terms of Service

  • The artist reserves the right to refuse a commission without reason or explanation.

  • Inappropriate/aggressive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Should this or a breach of the Terms of Service occur, the artist may stop or cancel the commission without repayment.

  • Poor communication may also be grounds for stopping the commission.

  • The client must provide clear and concise references/descriptions of their character(s) in order to avoid confusion. etc.

  • Final commission piece will be sent through email or the platform of the client’s choice in order to receive the full quality image.

  • The client must read, understand, and agree to all the terms. By continuing with the commission and going forth with the payment, the client has agreed to the above and below terms.


  • The commissioned piece may NOT be used for commercial purposes and cannot be redistributed, reproduced, resold/profited off of, or made into any NFTS, unless there is a contract provided with rights to use work commercially. Removing any artist watermarks is a violation of these terms.

  • The artist retains all rights to the piece of artwork itself, including the right to use it in their portfolio, make merchandise, banners, icons, and other promotional materials.

  • The artist does not claim any rights to any intellectual property or the character(s).

  • The client may not alter or edit the piece of artwork itself unless agreed upon by the artist.

  • The artist will remit 2 files to the commissioner, one without the watermark to enjoy for personal use and one with a watermark to share on their social media platform.

  • The client may not claim the commissioned piece as their work in any way, shape, or form.

  • The artist is not responsible for providing the client with a physical object, prints, merchandise, etc. of the artwork, unless agreed upon in which a fee may be applied.

  • The client may use finished artwork as a banner, profile pic, icon, or print a copy of the commissioned artwork for personal use, however, it may not be redistributed or sold for personal gain.

Refund Policy

  • If the client wishes to cancel the commission before progress has begun, the commission will be cancelled, and a full refund will be given.

  • Refunds will not be processed once work has begun or been completed as you're paying for my time and skill, which cannot be taken back.

Other Info

  • By providing the client with a line of communication to the artist, the client agrees to act in a professional manner.

  • The client is allotted one revision in the sketch phase. Any alterations thereafter will be done for a fee.

  • The client may not redistribute the artist’s contact in any way unless agreed upon by the artist in advance.

  • Should any terms of service be breached, or the artist incurs damages caused by the client, the artist reserves the right to either issue a takedown DMCA notice or pursue legal action.

Before deciding to commission me, please take a look at my General Info and Pricing Guide.

Under Construction

Commission requests coming soon